Chartering have been during the years focused on smaller shorts sea drycargo vessels, both as exclusive broker for some close owners and as competitive broker.

The main marked have always been short sea, European waters inclusive Baltic and Meditterean. The company became early involved in the market for selfdischargers where the company played an important role. The company has also been involved in ship management.

Towards the end of the 1980’s the company had focus towards the growing container market. Since the start of this period the company has established a very good network, especial in North Europe and has been involved in a number of transaction of container ships, and also within chartering. For the time being the company has some 12 container vessels on charter done by Harald Halvorsen AS. The company expect an increased interest in this market from Norwegian owners and the company will be in a good position to take part in this development.

On steady course since 1945